Conference Keynote Speakers

Conference Keynote Speakers

Mark McCrindle

Changing times, emerging trends; The top trends transforming culture & society

In this session Mark will give an overview of the demographic, technological, generational, and social shifts in society today. He will deliver a snapshot of Australia now and by 2030, giving a forecast of the transformative changes and insights into how to engage, develop and lead amidst the change.

Dhinawan Baker

Positive movement through Cultural dance disguised in exercise.

Dhinawan is one of lndigenous Australia’s most engaging, entertaining and memorable performers and public speakers. He is a respected cultural ambassador and won the Premier’s Encouragement award for Education & Knowledge.

Also known as Mick Baker, Dhinawan is the founder and front man of cultural collective Dhinawan Dreaming. He uses song, dance and storytelling to
promote awareness and understanding about lndigenous Australia.

He believes that: “As you learn, you teach”.

Donna Redman

Youth Suicide Prevention: What role can teachers play?

Donna’s keynote will deepen your understanding of the current situation regarding suicide in Australia, dispelling myths that often cause teachers to miss, dismiss or avoid the issue of suicide. Donna will also explore the key protective factors that keep young people safer from suicidal ideation, as well as risk factors and warning signs that teachers can look out for in their students.

Andy Hair

Want to experience more happiness in your workplace? Developing a strong cohesive culture through all levels of education.

If you tend to feel lost when asked how you feel about your work, know you are not alone.  It’s almost an automatic action to scan for the negatives in your workplace rather than search for the positives on a daily basis. Yet on average you spend increasing more time at extending your work hours whilst you are at home.  Losing passion about your story and the characters within it is not an option.  Good news, today is a fresh day and tomorrow has not been written. You can create a new rewarding chapter in your novel where happiness reigns supreme and positivity stands tall in your school community and culture.  Andy Hair, a globally highly regarded educator will share proven ways to improve your positive scanning and how to impact your co-workers and students/parents within and outside of your school community.

Karen Ingram – NESA


Moving into a new era for PDHPE

This keynote will explore the how PDHPE is moving forward to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to make healthy, safe and active choices.