The PDHPE Teachers’ Association, responding to the professional needs and interests of all teachers of PDHPE K-12.

Historically, the Association was a Department of School Education group which expanded its membership to include the non-government sector in 1995. Past titles of the Association include PE Head Teachers’ Council, Health Studies Head Teachers’ Council and PDHPE Head Teachers’ Council.

Annual Conference 1997 was the scene for further evolution. The membership agreed to expand its charter to include the professional needs and interests of all teachers of PDHPE K-12.

The PDHPETA Vision

The objectives of the Association are to:
  • Provide a forum for teachers of PDHPE to exchange views; and
  • Respond to the professional needs of teachers of PDHPE
We aim to do this by:
  • Conducting professional development activities for teachers of PDHPE;
  • Publishing and distributing materials related to the teaching of PDHPE; and
  • Promoting quality teaching, learning and leadership in the PDHPE learning area

Your PDHPETA Membership

Benefits of joining the PDHPE Teachers’ Association (PDHPETA) include:

  • Links with PDHPE teachers across the state of NSW
  • Priority to attend and reduced costs for PDHPETA professional development activities including annual conference
  • Representation on PDHPE syllabus advisory committees
  • Voting rights at the Annual General meeting
  • Eligibility for the PDHPETA annual awards and the ability to nominate a colleague for awards
  • Newsletters each term
  • Access to Stage 6 Examinations for PDHPE and CAFS written by experienced teachers and HSC Markers
  • Opportunity to contribute teaching and learning activities for circulation through our newsletters and at annual conference
  • Access to the latest KLA news and events through the website.
  • Opportunities to make submissions on issues affecting PDHPE to bodies which include ACARA, NSW Standards Authority, NSW Department of Education and Communities, NSW Catholic Education Commission, Association of Independent Schools and the NSW Government.

The PDHPETA Constitution

The following constitution was presented to the membership at the 2011 AGM.

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